You have a store and you want your own brand of stationery, stamped in gold, rubber closure, wire-or gold, much mint color, dotted sheets ...

Because all are problems, closed doors, emails that are not answered, factories that ask for exorbitant minimums, that take more than the bill and offer you simple materials.

We have read your mind, we also like things well done, quality and with our touch.

For all this and more we have decided to undertake with this service.

What services do you offer for stores?

_ A minimum purchase of 25 cuadernoSo tapas.

_ Personalized notebooks with your designs.

_ If you do not know how to design, we offer you our designs.

_ Personalized notebooks with simple stamping, or with mold.

_ If you have a binding system and you only need the covers. We give you this service.

_ Buy online 24h all year.

_ Comfortable payments with card, paypal ...

_ Trust in us, we do everything with a lot of love. That's why the beautiful things come out.

_ Shrink wrapping of all your products.

_ We also offer discounts on stationery, with your own brand. Like cases.

How can I access your store to buy?

Log in here and ask us for the keys, sending us an email.